about istria

Locally owned and operated, Istria Café is inspired by the coffee-rich tradition of the Istrian peninsula which is comprised of parts of what is now Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. Throughout history, the Istrian peninsula was devastated, destroyed and occupied by conquerors, but never completely, and never in spirit. Due to its turbulent history, a mixture of Italian, Slavic, Romanic and Germanic elements, it developed a specific aroma of Istrian culture, which includes a tolerance and unbreakable spirit. This is an integral part of the culture at Istria Café. Istria Café is a place to take a break and enjoy the simple, good things in life: a great cup of coffee or tea, a terrific pastry or panini, and freshly made gelato.




Hyde Park Art Center 5030 South Cornell Avenue, Chicago IL 773.324.9660

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