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IL PICCOLO | January 2012
Emigrati in America
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TIME OUT CHICAGO | January 2011
15 Spots to Drink Coffee Now - Voted #6
ISTRIA Connected to the Hyde Park Art Center, this Cornell Avenue spot has the Center’s museumlike vibe: clean lines, bright white walls and a quiet, serious atmosphere. The most remarkable thing about the design, though, is the counter that runs along the shop’s big windows. Outlets have been placed at every other chair or so, creating the optimal environment for laptop users—one that offers a good view in times of writer’s block. Istria’s pour-over coffees (they use Intelligentsia beans and Chemex pots) are subtle and lovely, as are the baristas who pour them.

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Knowing—or at least hoping—that a night of hedonism lies ahead, you decide to start the day simply. The sidewalk patio at Hyde Park’s Istria Café is completely shaded, so the sun won’t be in your eyes as you read the paper. And you won’t get too hot while you drink your foamy cappuccino and dig into your organic fruit parfait.

TIME OUT CHICAGO | December 2006
Rooms with a Brew - Winner, Hyde Park
One of the first things we noticed is that everyone was smiling, from the baristas to the clientele (neighborhood folks and U. of C. students and faculty). The next thing we noticed was the rumble of the Metra overhead. Located beneath the 57th Street tracks, Istria makes up for its location with convenience, snazzy-yet-simple decor and a damn good cup of coffee. Coffee quality: 10 What it does with Intelligentsia makes coffee snobs snobby.
Food: 7 Premium baked goods and fine panini are on offer, plus the gelato is a pleasant surprise.
Vibe: 9 There’s a nice equilibrium, with a steady influx of customers but enough lingerers to make it feel welcoming.
Pick-up factor: 8 Play your cards right and you could end up walking a new friend to class.
Music: 7 We heard old-school piano jazz, just right for morning or night.
Extra shots: This is one of the few coffeehouses in the city that offers real cream; Wi-Fi is free with purchase.

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Editorial Review of Istria Cafe
Located just around the corner from the Kenwood Metra station, Istria Cafe is the perfect place to kick back and rest your traveling feet. The place specializes in artisan gelato and espresso. Istria is so passionate about its beans that they won't sell any flavored blends. They will, however, add a tasty shot or two, should you find yourself in need of a sweet fix.
But when your sweet tooth just won't cease, it's best to go with a scoop of Istria's gelato. The cafe stays true to its Italian roots by making 12 flavors of the stuff from scratch every day. Pair your icy treat with a shot of hot espresso or a frothy latte. If you're looking for a little more sustenance, Istria's got you covered with its list of paninis. The cafe takes just as much care with its grilled Italian sandwiches as it does with its gourmet gelato.

The crowd here varies from weary travelers and busy workers to families with small children. Istria cafe is so kid-friendly that they offer a full list of special goodies just for the little ones, including a selection of gelatos. The staff will even argue that its fancy gourmet stuff is really just child's play. Istria offers free wi-fi access with every purchase.

Hyde Park Art Center 5030 South Cornell Avenue, Chicago IL 773.324.9660

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